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Timer Cap Medication Scheduler

It's Simple. It's Smart. It is About Time!

We all know how important it is that our patients take their medications on time. That is why AlamoSpecialty Pharmacy now packages some oral medications with the Rx Timer Cap.

Be sure to ask your doctor to get your medications from AlamoSpecialty Pharmacy.

Built-in LCD Timer

Keeps track of when you last took your medication, so you don't have to!

Works Automatically

The Rx Timer Cap features a built-in LCD timer that automatically resets itself every time the cap is opened. When the cap is closed, like a stopwatch, it starts counting up again the hours and minutes since a patient last took their medication.

Activation is foolproof since there are no buttons to press, no instructions to read and nothing to program.

AlamoSpecialty Pharmacy: Helping patients take their medications as directed.

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